How A Mother Naturally Cured Her Daughter’s Eczema

The results are pretty impressive

Here is a pretty dramatic change for a seven year old girl who had been suffering with eczema. If you have ever had eczema then you would know that it is not only extremely itchy and irritating, but not very nice to look at either. I’ve only had eczema on my arms, but this little girl Maya, has had it all over her body including her face. I can only image how hard it would be for a little girl in school.

Maya’s mum went to the doctors and tried the topical cream commonly prescribed, but the side effects were too much of a problem. Maya’s mum kept searching for a way to get rid of the problem at the root instead of just the symptoms.

Finally she found something that worked.

Take a look below … it’s pretty impressive.


Maya suffered with a severe form of eczema since she was a young baby. At the age of one, red, flaky skin broke out all over Maya’s body forcing her mother to resort to the conventional doctor-recommended treatment for eczema, steroid cream.


It wasn’t long before Maya began to experience constant colds, a side effect Maya’s mother figured was due to the steroid cream. Steroid creams have a remarkable skin-penetrating ability which can flood the bloodstream and kill the cells which provide immunity against pathogens. Maya’s mother worried that the cream was only covering up the problem, rather than solving the root of the issue.


At the age of 4, Maya’s eczema returned with a vengeance. Her mother had already decided not to use the steroid cream, and resorted to a naturopathic approach.  She cleaned up Maya’s diet by cutting out milk, gluten and refined sugars all together, a tactic which proved beneficial as she watched her daughters eczema disappear yet again.


When Maya turned 7, her eczema flared up again worse than ever before. This time however, Maya was also found to have candida and parasites. In desperation, Maya’s mother went to her diet once again, this time cutting out meat and eggs as well as sugar. But her efforts were to no avail, as symptoms seemed to be getting worse.


One Last Effort To Save Her Daughter


Maya’s mother had tried everything she thought she could, and her daughter’s condition wasn’t getting any better. Right before she decided to put Maya back on drugs, she came across a vegan community on Instagram which posted about how a high-carb, raw vegan diet was showing success in treating candida.

Although this sounded ‘wacky’ to Maya’s mother, she had no other option at that point. She tested out a 10-day banana diet before giving it to Maya, and she noticed she felt fantastic during the program. She immediately started her family on a diet that consisted mainly of fruit, leafy green and healthy fats from things such as avocados, nuts and seeds.




For the past six months, Maya’s skin has completely cleared up since going raw vegan, with only a few tiny dry spots left on her skin. Maya is finally at ease, and her family is feeling the benefits as well.


While a definitive consensus about whether or not a plant-based diet is the most beneficial dietary lifestyle is still undecided, many physicians have begun to recognize the health benefits of such a diet.


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