Want Healthy Hair, Nails & Skin? You Need Omega 3. Now.

Make Your Body Beautiful From the INSIDE.

Hair serums, nail polish and creams can only do so much. If you really want healthy, beautiful hair, nails and skin, you need add something to your diet.

We are responsible for the health of our hair, skin and nails. Picture Omega 3s as essential building blocks for the foundation of our cellular health. Our cells are at the root of all our functions, communications and health. Our bodies have an innate capacity to try to regenerate and heal if given the proper environment, nourishment and timing.

Omega 3s are an essential key to our skin’s barrier health (epidermis—the top layer of skin). It is important to understand that people of all ages, regardless of their skin conditions and aging concerns, may experience visible improvements if Omega 3s are included in their diet on a daily basis.

Here’s a fun diagram to deepen our understanding of a healthy cell’s journey and how Omega 3s play an important role in creating the health of the cell and its functions.






As we can see from the diagram, a deficiency in Omega 3s can cause a system breakdown, leaving us with dull, weak and lifeless hair, skin and nails. So, what makes a cell membrane healthy?

Essential fats do, with Omega 3s being the center of nourishment. They play a major role at the very core and heart, supporting healthy cellular function.

When cells are being optimized daily, we can support strong, healthy and glowing hair, skin and nails. Daily accumulation is essential, which is why these particular fats have the word “essential” in front of them. They are necessary for human health but the body can’t make them – you must get them through your diet. Other healthy types of fats like avocados, coconut oil and jojoba would be good on a daily or weekly basis, but the cell membrane is dependent on EFAs (such as Omega 3s) found in essential fats, making daily consumption of these crucial. Although healthy fats are beneficial in many ways, they do not replace the role or benefits Omega 3s have.

Without daily intake of Omega 3s, we may never achieve the health that is possible for our hair, skin and nails.

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